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Presented as a showdown between a boy and his alias, I is EYE for AY! captures the inevitable confrontation that results from hiding behind a mask. We watch as Bart (Simpson) evaporates his alter-ego, Bartman, into thin air - however, we are left wondering whether he has returned to his true self or assumed the Bartman role forever >
Of course, there is another layer to this film of disguises > > >

Bart is played by a human wearing a mask, whereas Bartman is played by a plastic toy - blurring reality. This is intentional. 
Bart is to be associated with a person, or life itself - there are no artificial additions, such as sound effects. This is his bland existence. He is armed with a soccer ball.

On the flip side is plastic Bartman. Lit by the glow of a TV screen and accompanied by his theme song - Do The Bartman!; he is to be associated with TV. He is armed with his trademark slingshot.

The question that arises from the confrontation is which identity is real? - who has stolen from who? Or rather, does TV imitate life or does life imitate TV?

We are still left with this question at the film's conclusion. Bart (LIFE) with his soccer ball has destroyed Bartman (TV) and left a fuzzy, soccer game TV signal. However, not everything is as black and white as the screen. We are left with the image of Bart, now accompanied by the music of his foe - has he regained his identity or simply stolen one? Ay Caramba!