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April 2000
April 10, 2000
Concerts Online
The full Exclaim! Party set from April 1st is online at Prime Ticket Real Audio and Video. Simply go to the Archive and select Exclaim Anniversary Bash and then Flashing Lights.

Also, Umbrella Music is featuring an exclusive remaster of the Opera House show from the Front Man War tour
(19 minutes of live mp3).

April 10, 2000
Mike O'Neill
Mike O'Neill, formerly of the Inbreds, has recorded a solo album which is set to be released on may 22, on Perimeter Records. The album, entitled "The Reverse Method" was recorded at the gas station with folks such as Matt Murphy (of The Flashing Lights), Charles Austin (formerly of the Super Friendz) and Don Kerr (of the Rheostatics).