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January 2000
January 21, 2000
Highschool video online
The video for 'Highschool' is now online here at MuchMusic online.
January 21, 2000
U.S. Record Deal
The Flashing Lights iced a record deal for America with spinART Records. The following are a few articles.

ChartAttack's D.A.M.N. - Wednesday January 12, 2000
Flashing Lights' album to be released in the U.S. 
By: Debbie Bento
A popular staple at Canadian campus radio has been Toronto's Flashing Lights' debut album Where The Change Is. Now it's time for the Americans to take notice. spinART records, which is based out of New York, will not only be releasing the album in the States on March 21, but promoting the heck out of it as well. Following this release will be the possible American release of the single "High School" and accompanying video on the music stations. Good luck to the band once they cross the border. Could this be another Canadian success story? DAMN will keep you posted on future rumblings in the Flashing Lights camp. 

spinART records
It's like my own personal dream come true: spinART will be releasing the Flashing Lights' latest, Where the Change Is on March 21st. Fans of the Super Friendz will recognize the amazing Matt Murphy fronting this group. 
"We're very excited, everyone here loves Matt Murphy...we think the FL record is great".

The Flashing Lights' mailing list
The Flashing Lights are celebrating their new ties with spinART records of New York who will be distributing "Where The Change Is" in the US as of Mar. 21.
The Flashing Lights are planning a busy year that includes touring throughout North America and recording a new disc.

January 21, 2000
Radiosonic session
On December 18 CBC Radio Two's Radiosonic aired a session with The Flashing Lights. They showcased three great new songs plus a bonus Christmas tune. The setlist was: Highschool, Nothing To Be Sad About, The flashing Lights Are On, You Do The Same Thing Twice, and Christmas Comes Tonight. There were interview segments between the songs with the Smuggler's Grant Lawrence who also hosts Radio Escapade.
January 21, 2000
Mike O'Neill
Matt Murphy has been playing in Mike O'Neill's (formerly of The Inbreds) backing band. The Mike O'Neill Band performed new material on Tuesday January 14 at the Horseshoe in Toronto. The back up band also included Charles Austin (also formerly of The Super Friendz) and Don Kerr. Matt also played some guitar on Mike's upcoming album while he was in Halifax over the holidays.
January 21, 2000
Flashing Lights to tour with Sloan
Look for the Flashing Lights (sporting new ties) on tour with Sloan in February. Check out the Shows section for specific dates.
January 21, 2000
The Flashing Lights Cartoon Show
Visit Superstar In Stereo and check out cartoons of The Flashing Lights by The Flashing Lights, done at their Frontman War Tour show in St. Catharines.
January 21, 2000
Much East
The following was taken from the Much East website.

December 12, 1999

FLASHING LIGHTS - Ex-Superfriend Matt Murphy and his Toronto-based band were finally in town at the end of their "Front Man Wars Tour" with pals the Local Rabbits. Matt has some ideas about who kicked who's ass in the final analysis... 

January 21, 2000
New Year's Eve
This was taken from Halifax On Record. If you don't quite get what he is talking about regarding the 2 different Flashing Lights bands, just wait for the upcoming Story of The Flashing Lights section.

Local music fans will have lots to choose from on New Year's Eve... And don't forget the return of country music legend Little Orton Hoggett. Lil' Orton, er, I mean, Matt Murphy, is also in town for a December 27 show with his Flashing Lights. That's the Flashing Lights of Halifax, not the Flashing Lights of Toronto. Yes, I know it's confusing.