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November 1999
November 19, 1999
Umbrella Music
At Umbrella Music you can download 3 live mp3 tracks from The Flashing Lights' performance at The Opera House in Toronto on October 22, 1999. They also have two tracks from the album in another section to download.
This was taken fom the site: 

Umbrella Music was at The Opera House on Friday, and what a show it was. To witness the grand finale with both Local Rabbits and Flashing Lights on stage at once was akin to a religous experience--and a testament to the structural integrity of the stage! 

Where Do the Days Go? 
Gone Are the Good Times
It's Alright

Coming up soon... live Local Rabbits! Stay tuned!

November 19, 1999
Digital Club Fest Performance is now Online!
You can listen to the Flashing Light's entire live set from Knitting Factory in New York City from July 21, 1999 by going here and clicking on "LIVE LIBRARY". You need a Real Player G2 to listen.
Here is the setlist:
Where The Change Is
Day Like That
Where Do The Days Go?
Talk To The Hand
Half The Time
Gone Are The Good Times
The Patient You Forgot To See
It's Alright
November 19, 1999
Frontman War
The Frontman Tour has pretty much wound itself down except for the few maritime dates, if you want to reminisce about a show you saw I would recommend checking out any of the following links:

- Umbrella Music has mp3's from the Toronto show at The Opera House.
- Chart Attack has a Frontman War Homepage with pictures and video clips.
- The Road Journal is updated by The Flashing Lights themselves!
- Reviews by Fans