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January 2000
October 21, 1999
Umbrella Music
This fall, in cooperation with CHART magazine, umbrella music will be following two of Canada's favourite independent bands on their tour across Canada: Flashing Lights and Local Rabbits. Visit umbrella music's Front Man War Log, and track them on their quest across the nation, with pictures, comments and MP3s from the road!

If all goes well umbrella music will have a couple of live MP3 to share with you from the upcoming show this Friday, the 22nd, at The Opera House.

October 21, 1999
Photo OF The Week
Once again Matt Murphy has been chosen as ChartAttack's subject for it's Photo of the Week (Oct 18 - Oct 24):

Matt Murphy, singer and guitarist for the 'Nazz-inspired' Flashing Lights is caught back stage after a fast-paced, rockin' show in Montreal. This was one of the first stops on the cross-country Front Man War! Tour, featuring The Flashing Lights and Montreal's Local Rabbits. The Flashing Lights are now the headlining act (by default) after Thrush Hermit's leader, Joel Plaskett fell ill on the eve of the tour. 

October 20, 1999
Flashing Lights on Much
The Flashing Lights will be interviewed on MuchMusic this Friday (October 22nd) at 2pm.
October 14, 1999
The Golden Toque
The Flashing Lights' Where The Change Is has been nominated for The Golden Toque Award (Best Canadian Album) in Chart Magazine's 5th Annual Year-End Reader's Poll. Vote here. At my last check 3485 people had voted and 0.65% had voted for TFL putting them in 12th place out of 30.
October 14, 1999
Frontman War Tour: Sad Thrush Hermit News
Sorry I didn't get this to you sooner, some of this is old news. It is in Chronological order from when things happened.

Thrush Hermit to break up after tour

Taken from Chart Attack's D.A.M.N.


Here's a late-breaking and upsetting story for Canadian music fans everywhere: Thrush Hermit have answered the speculation that the upcoming Frontman War tour (with Flashing Lights and Local Rabbits) will be their last. The band heve decided to split up after the string of shows, despite the fact that the Clayton Park album has afforded them the most success thus far in their time together. It's especially disappointing knowing that Thrush Hermit survived a rather harrowing separation from a major American record company a few years back; if anything, Joel Plaskett and the boys seemed energized by their freedom from the label, which was affiliated with the Warner Music Group. Stay tuned for more details, as well as an exclusive interview with the members of Thrush Hermit as they prepare to say goodbye to their loyal fans. Keep in mind that Plaskett's solo debut In Need Of Medical Attention is in stores next week.

from Sean Palmerston at Sonic Unyon (Thrush Hermit's label)

For Immediate release...

The fall 1999 tour will be THRUSH HERMIT's last. The band is breaking up amicably to persue new projects. THRUSH HERMIT would like to thank all their fans for supporting them throughout the past decade and would like to extend an invitation to all to attend these final shows.

Thrush Hermit will NOT be going on tour as Joel is in need of medical attention

from Sonic Unyon (Thrush Hermit's label)

THRUSH HERMIT has a difficult announcement: The band will be dropping off the Frontman War Tour. TH's Joel Plaskett has been ordered not to tour by his doctor. The band has no choice but to cancel the tour. All touring plans for the band have been postponed indefinitely. 

As far as we know the tour will continue with the Flashing Lights and Local Rabbits. Thrush Hermit, their management and Sonic Unyon Records we would like to apologize to all fans who were anticipating seeing THRUSH HERMIT on this farewell tour. There is a chance of the band touring as soon as Joel gets better. We wish Joel the best of luck in a speedy and full recovery. 

Taken from Chart Attack's D.A.M.N. on Tuesday, October 12, 1999


According to a statement released by a Sonic Unyon representative, Thrush Hermit has cancelled their Front Man War! Tour dates due to an undetermined illness that Hermit lead singer Joel Plaskettis suffering from. Details are sketchy, but the illness has been deemed serious enough that Plaskett should be getting as much rest for the time being. Despite the setback, the tour is still a go with the other bands on the bill, The Flashing Lights and Local Rabbits, continuing on. DAMN sends its best wishes for a speedy recovery to Joel. 

January 21, 1999
New Year's Eve
This was taken from Halifax On Record. If you don't quite get what he is talking about regarding the 2 different Flashing Lights bands, just wait for the upcoming story of The Flashing Lights section.
Local music fans will have lots to choose from on New Year's Eve... And don't forget the return of country music legend Little Orton Hoggett. Lil' Orton, er, I mean, Matt Murphy, is also in town for a December 27 show with his Flashing Lights. That's the Flashing Lights of Halifax, not the Flashing Lights of Toronto. Yes, I know it's confusing.