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July 1999
July 29, 1999
Ottawa X-Press article
The following was taken from today's Ottawa X-Press, it can also be viewed online here.

The Flashing Lights
Friday, July 30
Hi-Fi, 207 Rideau St.
10 p.m.

Last time through our town, The Flashing Lights' show was notable not only for being an evening of mighty rock, but also for presenting a rather gimmicky four-piece line-up of guitar, bass, drums and... drums. With former Superfriendz guitarist and vocalist Matt Murphy at the helm, the band can't miss, really, but one has to wonder about the two-drummers thing.

"Ah," Murphy says when asked about it, "a better question is, `Why do we no longer have two drummers?'"

That's right, Murphy's solid rock and roll unit now includes bassist Henri Sangalang, keyboard player Gaven Dianda and Steve Pitkin manning the lone drumkit.

Murphy reminds us the dual-drummer concept was meant to be temporary. "I didn't want another guitar player," he says of putting together a new four-piece. "In the end, though, it didn't go as far as we wanted it to -- or maybe we didn't give it enough time. It was a great visual effect, but it's quite hectic if it's not bang-on.

With Dianda as the keys, Murphy likens some aspects of the band's current sound to classic U.K. band The Move. And while the recurring chant of "Flashing Lights!" will doubtless remind us just who is rocking our world on Friday, Murphy suggests another similarity between his band and Roy Wood's legendary pop anarchists.

"We like to have a little bit of confusion, but then break out of it," Murphy says of the band's performances. "It's like a dogsled -- you get there, but not without a lot of whip-cracking."


July 22, 1999
Digital Club Fest
Taken from Chart's D.A.M.N. today.


What do you get when you throw 300 bands together over three days in New York City? Well, if this was September you'd have CMJ, but since it's only July...the Digital Club Festival (formerly the Intel Music Fest when was the last time you heard of an event shedding its corporate sponsor?) launches today in the Big Apple. Among the featured performers: Bush, Public Enemy, Everlast, Guided By Voices, , Apples In Stereo, A Guy Called Gerald, Promise Ring, Imperial Teen, Nada Surf, The Mooney Suzuki, Delata 72, The Donnas, The Figgs, June of 44, Mocean Worker, Scanner, Electric Frankenstein and many more. Two notable Canadian acts are also part of the lineup this year: both Ivana Santilli (ex-Bass Is Base) and the Flashing Lights will strut their stuff between now and Saturday night. If you want to check out any of the action via streaming audio and video, point your browsers to

Here is some info from the Digital Club Fest site:

The Flashing Lights
You like The Superfriendz. You wished you lived in Canada so you could see one of their countless shows throughout the country. You were really sad when they broke up but elated when you heard that Matt Murphy formed a new band called The Flashing Lights. You read the Toronto Star review of their debut "Where the Change Is" that compared The Flashing Lights to Sloan and pointed out the band's "boyish vocals, handclaps, faut Beatles harmonies, clever relationship-gone-bad lyrics, the mandatory 'la, la, las,'" etc, etc. You will go see The Flashing Lights at the Knitting Factory Wednesday night.

schedule act:
Knitting Factory at July 21, 1999 @ 10:00 PM

media clips:

mp3 Download:
Track 1: Elevature
Track 2: High School

July 17, 1999
Highschool Video
According to The Flashing Lights' official site, Where The Change Is, they will be shooting a video for Highschool on July 25th.