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June 1999
June 28, 1999
Rock The Mill
This was posted on Sloannet on June 26:

    I'm really happy to announce that this year's Rock the Mill Festival will feature The Flashing Lights!  Rock the Mill is a live, one day festival hosted by the City of Cambridge, just off the 401 right between London and T.O.  Mill Race Park is a beautiful open air amphitheatre overlooking the Grand River where this free concert is held, hence the name.

    Last year's show featured bands such as Astrokick, Bun, Here Comes Jim, Section 8, the Jolly Bean Band, and the Flashing Lights in their first Ontario appearance after regrouping that year.  Everyone remarked at how beautiful the setting was, how great the sound was, and how much they looked forward to next year's show. Chris, Andrew, and Jay dropped by
to cheer on Matt's new band, and almost 2000 people entered the park that day.

    This year's show will feature the Flashing Lights again, as well as Mississauga's the Meligrove Band, The Shannon Lyon Pop Explosion, Matt Osborne Band, Lisp, The Hassle, and a second stage with eight up and coming indie acts.

    The show is on Saturday, August 21st, 1999 at Mill Race Park at Water St. and Park Hill Rd. in Cambridge.  For more info, write me at this address.

Ryan Merkley
Organizer, Rock the Mill 1999

June 16, 1999
NxNE Recap
    The Flashing Lights played 2 shows on Saturday June 12th for North By Northeast, Toronto's international alternative music festival. The first was an all ages in the afternoon, and the second was at nights at the Horseshoe. The latter was recorded by CBC's Radiosonic and broadcast live across the country. The opening was spectacular - Matt introduced the 'members of the orchestra' and they leaped right into 'Highschool'. They also debuted a new song called 'It's All Right'. Elevature included the standard 'Flashing Lights, Flashing Lights' chant with everyone singing and 'Beatle Bob' joined them on-stage at the end to do the Frugg.

The Setlist:
1. Intro    2. Highschool    3. Day Like That    4. Where The Change Is    5. Summertime Climb
6. Gone Are The Good Times    7. The Patient You Forgot To See    8. It's All Right
9. Where Do The Days Go?    10. Elevature

Here is what was posted on the Radiosonic site prior to the show:
    On Saturday June 12, 7:00PM - Midnight, come one, come all, whether in person or through your radio, to the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in the heart of downtown Toronto. We're presenting a live showcase that represents the best of independent Canadian music from coast to coast. Get set for Bodega at 8:00PM, the Flashing Lights at 9:00PM, the Planet Smashers at 10:00PM and Thrush Hermit at 11:00PM (Blurtonia and the Saddlesores will also perform at midnight and 1:00AM respectively, but will be taped for future broadcast). David and Leora will anchor the entire event, live from the Horseshoe's sidewalk on Queen Street from 7:00PM to midnight! We've got lots of great guests dropping by between bands, and will spin many of the other bands playing the festival.

Click here to view pictures of the shows at Radiosonic.

Click here to read a review at Chart Attack.

Click here to view Chart Attack's Photo Of The Week (June 14 - June 20) which features Matt from the show. Here is what it says:
The Flashing Lights Shine @ NxNE
New and old music fans had the opportunity to witness the magic of Matt Murphy's performance with his new band, The Flashing Lights. The former leader of The Super Friendz band played on two different occasions during this year's NxNE. Matt is caught leading the crowd through songs from their latest release, Where The Change Is Saturday night at the Horseshoe. Also appearing on the bill were Bodega, Thrush Hermit, The Planet Smashers, Blurtonia and The Saddlesores which was broadcast live on Radio Sonic (CBC Radio 2).
Photo: Jim Kelly

June 16, 1999
Coming Up on The New Music
The following shows will air on The New Music in the upcoming month, each has a feature on shows that The Flashing Lights have played at. Let's hope that we see some footage of them.

SHOW #13-793
Airdates: Citytv - June 19/99, MuchMusic - June 29/99

North By Northeast Festival (NxNE)
“Nick’s Knee” as we like to call it is an annual music conference in Toronto, Canada. Cousin to the South By Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas, North by Northeast sees hundreds of acts from around the globe performing in Toronto’s downtown core. We catch up with the indies and the superstars.

SHOW #13-794
Airdates: Citytv - June 26/99, MuchMusic - July 6/99

El Mocambo - Neon Palm
Landmark nightclub The El Mocambo in downtown Toronto has seen the likes of The Rolling Stones and thousands of other bands grace its stage. The El Mo’s neon sign (in the shape of a palm tree, of course) needs repair, so bands from New Zealand to Toronto are playing a benefit concert at the club to restore the beacon to its former glory.