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All of the following news are excerpts taken from the now defunct Super Friendz site Rescue Us From Boredom, except where noted.
December 14, 1998
The 3rd best live act of 1998
Sloan's Chris Murphy's picks '98's best singles, concerts and flicks
Special To Jam! Showbiz

1) The Boy Is Mine - Brandy and Monica
2) Ray of Light - Madonna
3) April Fools - Rufus Wainright
4) I Gotta Rash - The Evaporators
5) The Dope Show - Marilyn Manson

1) EmmyLou Harris
2) Asian Dub Foundation
3) The Flashing Lights
4) Danko Jones
5) The Evaporators

1) The Celebration
2) Your Friends And Neighbors
3) Ma Vie En Rose
4) Last Night
5) There's Something About Mary

(Taken from Jam!)

November 14, 1998
Toronto Shows
Matt Murphy was last seen wowing the crowd in Toronto at the Sloan show on Saturday, November 9, when the Flashing Lights opened. They had two drummers, a bassist (Henri Sangalang - who has played in the Euphonic, Kearney Lake Road, and a bunch of other Halifax bands), and Matt on guitar in vocals. A lot more rock and pop then when I last saw them (March), a la Kinks and Yardbirds. Excellent! You can catch them next at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto this Tuesday, November 17. Send me a review if you go!
November 4, 1998
Flashing Lights to open for Sloan
Matt Murphy and his Flashing Lights will be opening for Sloan on November 7th (this Saturday) in Toronto at the Palais Royale... two drummers, one bass and the energetic Matt Murphy on guitar, of course.
(This was posted by Colin MacKenzie on Sloannet)
August 16, 1998
Flashing Lights Back Out of Halifax On Music / Will Play Rock The Mill Festival
A couple weeks ago, I was going to post the news that all of ex-Super Friendz members' projects are playing this year's Halifax on Music. Since then, Matt Murphy's Flashing Lights had to back out because their bassist, Brenndan McGuire, is Sloan's touring soundman and Sloan will be on tour at that time. So the projects that remain are Kick Like 50 (Drew Yamada on bass and keyboards), Neusiland, Soaking Up Jagged (both featuring Charles Austin on guitar), and Lonnie James (featuring Lonnie James solo). And talk about a near reunion -- backing up Lonnie will be Charles and Drew (+ an unnamed drummer)!!! See ya in Halifax!! 

But in the meantime... The Flashing Lights will be playing a show this weekend in Cambridge, Ontario (just outside of Kitchener/Waterloo). They are at the top of the bill of the "ROCK THE MILL" outdoor festival, which is on Saturday, August 22nd from noon - 11 PM. It is at Mill Race Park, Downtown Galt (Parkhill Ave & Water St). Admisson is FREE!

March 27, 1998
Matt to Record
Matt is scheduled to do some recording during June/July. No word on when an album will come out or with what label yet. 
March 8, 1998
TFL at Horseshoe
The Flashing Lights played a super-short set (20 minutes!) on March 3 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. The songs are more country and blues tinged than pop, and sound great.