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All of the following news are excerpts taken from the now defunct Super Friendz site Rescue Us From Boredom.
December 12, 1997
What Matt has been up to
Here's an update on what the individual guys have been doing of late... Matt has been seen playing with the Sadies, and was on the "Open Mike Show with Mike Bullard" with the Inbreds on the Comedy network.
November 17, 1997
Flashing Lights in Kitchener
Although Charles is touring with The Vees, did you know that Matt played guitar on some songs on the Vees EP? 

Also, I went and saw the Flashing Lights in Kitchener, Ontario on Thursday, November 13. Damn they're good. The songs have taken a bit of a different turn, though. A lot of the songs Matt wrote are very danceable, clearly influenced by the Kinks, Yarbirds, et al. Ben and Brenndan provide solid back up, with Brenndan accompanying on harmonies every so often.

November 2, 1997
Flashing Lights to tour
Matt Murphy will be touring with the Flashing Lights, a trio consisting of Matt, Brenndan McGuire and Ben Ross. But this group isn't to be confused with Matt's OTHER band the Flashing Lights, which is a retro brit-pop outfit.
October 30, 1997
Flashing Lights turn into full time project
The following is an excerpt from the November 1997 issue of Exclaim! magazine's "credible ink" section: 

Matt Murphy's Flashing Lights are evolving from his side-project cover band into a full-time project; expect some live dates in early November with MAdE. 

October 1, 1997
Halifax on Music
Various members of the Super Friendz were spotted playing during Halifax on Music. Matt was found playing with Neko Case and the 10 Cent Wings on Friday night, and played with the Flashing Lights on Sunday night. Charles was seen playing guitar in Soaking Up Jagged on Friday and Sunday night, as well as a 10 Cent Wing (playing guitar).
September 24, 1997
L'il Orton Hoggett to play HOM
The Halifax on Music Festival will occur this weekend, and although the Super Friendz are not taking part (waaah) L'il Orton Hoggett and his Ten Cent Wings will be accompanying headliner Neko Case at the Blues Corner on Friday night, September 26. L'il Orton is Matt Murphy's alter-ego (darker-side!?), and the Ten Cent Wings features people who look a lot like Tracey Stevens (backed up Al Tuck), Chris Murphy (Sloan), and Charles Austin.... 
September 4, 1997
TFL playing many shows
Although the Super Friendz are still breakin', the Flashing Lights seem to be playing many many shows around Halifax (especially at the Blues Corner) so keep your eyes and ears open!
August 21, 1997
The Super Friendz are still taking a break. But Matt is playing in a band called COPLAND at the Shanghai Club in Toronto on Friday, August 21, at the Crazy Money Records launch par-tay. Who's in COPLAND? According to Chico T. Sanchez, COPLAND consists of "Matt (guitar, Flashing Lights), Andrew (bass, Crappo), and Greg (guitar, Crappo and the Brown Belts)". If we put last names to these band members, we have Matt Murphy (Super Friendz), Andrew Scott (Sloan), and Greg Tymoshenko (Crappo and the Brown Belts.. hey, wait a sec...).
August 11, 1997
Natal Day Parade
The annual Natal Day parade hit Halifax on Sunday, August 3, and not only did murderecords have a float in it this year, but Flashing Lights and Ornamental Elephant (Charles Austin & Drew Yamada's [of The Super Friendz] side project) took turns playing to the crowd! 
July 30, 1997
Matt playing with Flashing Lights
No real news on the Super Friendz front, as the boys are taking time off to work on new songs and side projects. Here's the run-down on each member:

Matt - playing in Flashing Lights, his retro Brit Pop trio starring none other than Matt Murphy... of course.