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Flashing Lights Supporters
ChartAttack [The website for Chart Magazine]
"ChartAttack.Com - Canada's Music Source for Fan Views, Industry News and Mysterious Musician Sightings"

Check out their daily music news (D.A.M.N.), live reviews, and pictures of the week for Flashing Lights content.
Also get the monthly magazine. It's only $9.99 for a year's subscription!

Edge 102 [102.1 radio station in Toronto]
This radio station plays 'Where Do The Days Go', and the band was on their 'Live In Toronto' program June 2.
You can listen to it online!
Much East [Sundays at 11pm on MuchMusic]
"Fresh from the shores of Canada's Maritime provinces, Newfoundland, and Labrador. Some of the hottest new music in North America. Indie, Celtic and everything in between. Join Mike Campbell as he shows you the shores, the music and the culture of the East."

Since half the boys are originally from Halifax, Much East occasionaly features The Flashing Lights.

Radiosonic [Every Saturday (7pm-12am) and Sunday (6:30-8pm) night on CBC Radio Two]
"The show is hosted by Leora Kornfeld and David Wisdom. It is music based and will delight you with new, different, unexpected and exciting musical discoveries."

The Flashing Lights performance at NxNE on June 12 was broadcast live on Radiosonic. Their CD - Where the change is was also featured in 'The Listening Booth'.
If you don't get CBC Radio 2, you can listen online!

Sloan Net [A mailing list discussion group about East Coast music]