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The Frontman War Tour
The Flashing Lights with The Local Rabbits
Vancouver, BC
Sunday, November 21, 1999
Originally posted on Sloannet by Gina Boldman on November 22, 1999

just wanted to let anyone who cares know that I took in my first flashing lights show last night, and I was not disappointed.  I didn't realize that this was the first time ever that they had played in Vancouver.  well they did fairly well, it wasn't sold out, but they got about 200 people maybe, which is good for a band that no one has heard of.  I think there must have been a lot of sloan fans there like me, who had it on good authority from a lot of eastern Canadians that this band rocks.

Like I said they didn't disappoint, Matt Murphy was in fine form, doing all the rocks star moves with his arms and jumping off the drumset and such.  I was amazed though that he didn't get dizzy and fall down what with that one song where he just kept running around in little circles!

They were good at keeping the crowd interested, and very congenial.  Very polite and thankful to the audience.  There were a couple songs that required some crowd participation and singing, and I'm happy to say most in the crowd obliged.