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Sloan with The Flashing Lights
Sunday, November 21, 1999
Originally posted on Sloannet by Gina Boldman on November 22, 1999

    Since no one's mentioned it...the Toledo show was pretty great.  The highlight of Sloan's set was definitely the audience's rounding during "Delivering Maybes"...the band looked so awed by the crowd participation!  That's one of the best concert moments in recent memory.  Plus the back and forth banter between Patrick and Chris was pretty amusing -- they were trying to get "their" side of the crowd to sing the loudest ("So go ahead -- oh, they went already?" Patrick said after Chris' side finished).  I also loved how fiesty Patrick was in general ("Would you stop talking for a minute?" he said to Chris).  Even though Chris apparently hurt his right heel during some stage move in Chicago, he just couldn't help throwing a few kicks in.  It seemed like the band was just going through the motions until halfway through the they realized, "Hey!  It's our last show of the tour!" and they really perked up.

    The Flashing Lights sounded great and it looked like they were having such a fun time -- it's hard not to be enthusiastic when the band members are obviously enjoying themselves!  It was the first time I'd seen them (and the first to see Matt Murphy in action) and I was thoroughly impressed.

That's all...