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East Coast & Canadian Music
The Flashing Lights Are On - With Matt Murphy
Interview with Matt Murphy
Calgary Sun
Flashing Lights Illuminate Pop
Friday, October 29, 1999 
by Dave Veitch
Eye Magazine
Musician's Choice - Local lights pick their favourite Toronto acts
October 7, 1999
includes a picture
photo by David Leyes
Eye Magazine
Light-headed The Flashing Lights switch on the Neon Palm Festival
Eye - cover
June 3, 1999 Vol. 8 Issue 34
includes a picture
photos by David Leyes
Flashing Lights - Showing Off
Exclaim! - cover
June 1999
By Michael Barclay
Note that the second picture is an edited version 
of one that appears in the 'Where The Change Is' CD jewel case.
Toronto Sun
Flashing their lights - Band determined to put on a 'bells and whistles' show
Saturday, May 8, 1999
By Kieran Grant
UWO Gazette
Underground Sound
February 18, 1999
By Aaron Wherry
The Brunswickan - UNB
Murphy's Flashing Lights lit up the stage
November 14, 1997
By Clark Richards and Christian Maillet 
UWO Gazette
Murphy doesn't stop for red lights
Friday, November 14, 1997
By Jamie Lynn
The Brunswickan - UNB
Ex-Super Friend playing with new band, The Flashing Lights
November 7, 1997
By Cynthia Kirkby