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EXCLAIM! magazine - February 1998 - pg. 28

DEC 31
    Keith Relf is dead. Pete Townshend is going bald. Ray Davies has worked out all his Kinks and now tours solo. Alas, the mod squads have disbanded and all thats left is collectable vinyl and CD reissues of glories long since torgotten by todays MuchMusic youth. Shed no tears, for all is not lost. At least not in Halifax. Every now and then the discordant chaos of the 90s loses out to a wave of psychedelia that ebbs and flows with 30-year-old contemporary tenaciousness. Every now and then, the Flashing Lights appear. Scarves, fake eyelashes. tailored suits and V-neck sweaters were few and far between, but impact was still achieved on NewYears Eve. Matt Murphy (ex-Super Friendz) assumed a Jeff Beck demeanour with Chad Jagoe (Soaking Up Jagged) as his Chris Dreja. 5 Foot 9ís Henri Sangalang (bass) and Benn Ross (drums) round out the fab foursome. Nothing, not even the euphonious chord progressions of the Vees, nor the witty lyrical meandering of Sloan can entice the brooding and petulant arts kids to trip the light fantastic. Ushering out 97 with the bawdy rock sentiments of the Kinks' "I Need You" and "Got Love If You Want It" was only topped by the laconic delivery of the Yardbirds' "Iím A Man," which the band reaffirmed with every  burlesque word. The sets continued with offerings from the Nazz, Rod Stewart, the Zombies and kept everyone moving between the hits of the Who. The sets themselves had the perfect marriage of mod and psychedelic rock. And with all the elements of a perfect marriage, those things old, new, borrowed and blue, the eve was hitchless. The songs were old, the sense of style borrowed. The only thing bluer than the eyes of your new years kiss was the blues they were singing.
    -Melissa Buote